10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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Effective Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Website

The role of traffic to a website cannot be overemphasized. This usually determines how well you are able to market your goods and services to the intending customers. Permit me to say that a good website design with little or no traffic is no website at all. What makes a good website is the ability to attract prospective customers, keep them glued to whatsoever you have to offer and in the end make them engage your services or purchase your goods.

On average, Google (the world’s number one search engine) receives 40, 000 search queries per second, all of which are geared at obtaining one information or the other. In our tech-savvy world, only websites with the best of information get to control a majority of the Internet traffic thus giving them an edge to control the limited customers.

So far, 2018 ushered in the introduction of great web-related tools which will improve the customer relationship and engagement and we are optimistic 2019 will be better. In view of this, here are ten simple ways we believe you could drive traffic to your site in 2019.

Increase Website Traffic

Publish Long-form Content 800-1000+ words Per New Page

In the driving traffic to your website, always remember the fact that content is KING. It controls virtually everything you have on your product and services. Long-form content written with the best of Search Engine Optimization techniques come in handy in increasing your appearance on search engines results of related keywords. It is used to generate local and organic traffic to your site, which will improve the rate at which prospective clients troop to your site. The level of expertise in your written content determines the level of engagement you get from your visitors.

Overhaul & Upgrade Old Blog Posts

The world is changing and so does everything around us. From time to time, keep your site updated with new information by upgrading the old blog posts to suit the latest market needs in your niche. Dwelling on expired information is as lethal as being infected with a terminal illness. To gain the most out of this, we suggest you experiment with different content styles until you are able to identify the one that appeals to your clients the most. Try to research on the best high ranking keywords in your niche and use them to increase your market relevance and appearance in search results.

Create Relevant Content That Your Market Wants

Every market is controlled by content, which makes it unique. This market is congested with lots of websites who are looking for ways to satisfy limited customers. These limited customers are controlled by whosoever is able to provide the most compelling and relevant content the market wants. The more educating and engaging your website is, the better your chances of exercising great influence on customer behavior and supplying market needs. Carry out intensive research on the type of content that controls your market needs and capitalize on it.

Create 2-3 Long Form Articles Per Month

Keep your website updated with fresh content on a frequent basis. Inasmuch as this is good, we, however, suggest you don’t bombard your audience with lots of information since this may bore and cause them to leave your site. On average, make sure you create 2-3 new content per month. These monthly posts should be as informative as possible and should contain SEO keywords, which will attract both local and foreign visitors to your site.

Create Content That Appeals to Influencers

Believe it or not, your customers are controlled by specific individuals known as influencers. These influencers have the power to make your site go viral in the shortest time possible. Make sure all your written content is done with such a professional touch that they tend to attract influencers. You engage the services of a good influencer to help you promote your site on social media platforms – to increase your click back rates and conversions.

How to drive traffic to your website

Optimize Your Content With LSI Keywords

Latent Search Keywords consist of a set of natural language or words, which are used, in analyzing the relationship existing between a set of documents and the terms they contain through the production of a set of related concepts to the documents. These LSI keywords work in the same way like SEO, which matches your site content to queries inserted on search engines by prospective clients. Research on the best LSI keywords in your niche and include them in your articles.

Add “Bucket Brigades” to Slash Bounce Rate

Bucket brigades are phrases or groups of words, which are used to add value to your written content to attract more people to it. These words come in handy to assist you to make your content more appealing thereby increasing the rate of engagement you experience on your site. Bucket Brigades coupled with the best copywriting skills come in handy in exposing your brand to the world and attracts more clients to your business.

Get Other Sites to Link to Your Content

This can be done through the featured guest posting. The audience you seek is controlled by specific high performing sites. On a daily basis, prospective clients visit these sites to obtain information about the products and services they are interested in. You can get other high performing sites such as Business Insider, and the New York Times to feature your posts with a backlink to your site. This gives you the privilege of engaging the customers on the site, thereby increasing the level of engagement and click back rates you enjoy from the site.

Own A Social Media Page

A social media page comes in handy in attracting a high level of customer participation through social media marketing. About half of the world’s population is active on social media sharing content in the form of texts, images, and videos. This vast number of individuals can be directed to your site to have a taste of what you have to offer. To engage your audience, it is important that you create a social media fan page where you can get to interact with these clients, know what they want and obtain their feedback concerning your products and services. Social media marketing comes in different styles and techniques such as the use of #tags on Instagram and Twitter.

Run Targeted Ads

Targeted Ads does not just get the message about your brand out to prospective clients, but also makes sure that only interested individuals get contacted to engage your services. Targeted ads can be run on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter as the case may be. Paid advertising can quickly drive targeted traffic to your website or landing page.


Running a website is as easy as possible with the right knowledge and tools at your disposal. Make sure you take special notes of SEO keywords, Google ranking, social media marketing, and digital marketing to increase your market relevance and engagement. Interact with us by dropping your comments. Kindly share this article with family and friends. Contact us if you have any question on digital marketing and generation of web traffic, we will love to hear from you.

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