10 Ways You Should Start a Business During COVID-19

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Starting a business during Covid 19

Starting a Business During COVID-19

While we know that COVID-19 has shaken up our daily lives and flipped our busy schedules on their heads, it could mean only good news for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As with every situation in life it is quite often not what happens to you but how you react under those circumstances and this isolation period is putting us all to that test. If we choose to view being stuck at home as not a bad thing, but rather an opportunity, you might be able to come out the other end of this crisis with a strong business plan developed or new company direction to bounce back better than ever.

All of this time at home means that we have the perfect opportunity to work on those hobbies we seem to always put on the back-burner. How often have we caught ourselves saying we just do not have time to work on our hobbies? Now we find ourselves with a lot more time on our hands and I am sure we are all well aware that these hobbies can be turned into very successful businesses if nurtured and refined.

While yes, it is true that a lot of businesses are suffering at the moment, the best ones are choosing to instead pivot their business models completely and adapt to the new circumstances. There is absolutely no reason that you are not able to do the same and we are going to show you how!


Start a YouTube Channel and Blog

1. Start a YouTube Channel and Blog

We are all well aware that YouTube channels and blogs are a fantastic revenue stream that turns your passions into well earned money. The fantastic thing about YouTube is that you do not have to fit your channel or blog concept into a box! You can create video or blog content on any topic that you desire and find an audience well-suited to you. In fact, the best content to create is on a topic you are most inspired and in love with because your passion will convert through the screen to the audience. The best accompaniment to your YouTube channel is a blog that can further assist your brand building process. On here you can include further information complimentary to your videos, and the additional platform works as a cross promotion platform to showcase your video content. We would recommend looking into website development if you are looking to start your own personal blog.


Start an Online Store for Your Hobby

2. Start an Online Store for Your Hobby

We know just how creative you can be and the types of hobbies we see turn into successful businesses is truly amazing. Whether you have a fair for knitting and can create beautiful, warm blankets for winter or you know your way around a great Instagram filter and can create killer social media pre-sets – these are all possible business ventures to explore. You might think that our hobby is just that and anyone could do it but once you realise that someone else will see value in your talent and be willing to pay for it, a great business idea is formed.


Write that Cooking Book and Sell It

3. Write that Cooking Book and Sell It

Everyone RAVES about your cooking and asks when the book is coming, but you just can not seem to pull the trigger on it. So many people have been there, having so many unique and delicious recipes to offer but never enough time to get them all on paper. With some of the spare time you now find yourself with you can put the finishing touches on the cook book of your dreams and start your own eCommerce website to sell your Cook Book! For a low investment starting point, you could even just offer your eBook in digital version. Then once it takes off and you start building up your wealth from the product you can have the book manufactured in physical form and also added onto the website. If cooking is more your thing and the thought of creating a website scares you there is no need to worry! We have an expert team of web developers who can help make your dream store become a reality. We are here to help your dream business come alive and will assist in any way possible to make the process seamless for you.


4. Launch Your Dream Business

Regardless of your background, we are sure that you have something useful that you could contribute to society. If you have always wanted to offer online counseling services, virtual naturopath consultations or even painting tutorials, now is the time to share your gifts with the world. All it takes is the launch of your website, and potentially a mini advertising campaign, to put your services out there and promote what you can offer. If you have had this idea in mind for years and wondered why it had never taken flight, it is likely for not putting yourself out there like having a website people can contact you on.

Here at Emprezo we feel passionately about growing ideas and can definitely assist you during this process of fully developing your new business plan and turning your concept into a reality.

We can help you from concept to completion of your new business idea and we are going to outline just how we can help you along every step of the way. In order to launch a successful online business, the roadmap to success involves;


5. Register a New Business Name & Buy a Domain Name

Registering a new business and buying a registering domain name
At EmprezoPro.com people can search and purchase their new domain name, hosting, email, WordPress, website builder, SSL certificate.


6. Creating a stunning new website.

Not only do we handle all of the technical side of running a business and launching a website, but we are also a full-service web design agency that offers affordable website design and development. Whether you are starting from scratch or updating an existing website, we are here to help.


7. Forming your brand image

An important aspect to your new business is how you present your company to the public. Our experienced team not only offers website design in line with your brand vision but can also assist in creating a company logo.


8. Building your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to grow your organic reach

So you have come up with you killer business idea, but then realize you are not the only one. SEO is a very important aspect for building your website that means you will rank higher on Google searches. As such, you will drive more highly relevant traffic to your website, engage with your target audience and create leads that you can turn into sales. This complicated process is driven by knowledge and experience – something our team are well equipped with and can help you in any SEO campaign.


9. Using a social media strategy or PPC campaign to boost your sales

We are passionate about leading effective digital campaigns that increase exposure, enhance company trustworthiness, nurture sales and boost your online traffic! Talk to us today about your business goals and we can work with you to achieve a social media strategy or PPC campaign that will achieve the results you desire, launching your new online business into a realm of success.


10. Seize this historic moment

As you can see, these trying times during COVID-19 isolation can be a scarily uncertain time or the perfect opportunity to launch the business of your dreams. Here at Emprezo, we basically have everything you need to launch their new online site and you can easily get started on your new business, with minimal investment.

During this time of COVID-19 could be the perfect opportunity to launch the business you have been dreaming of! Use this highly valuable time to nurture your hobbies, hone your craft, reinvent yourself and create a killer business strategy that combines your passion and drive. For those current business owners looking to take their existing company to the next level, EmprezoPRO.com is the perfect next step to propel your business into further success.


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