6 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook with Digital Marketing Agency

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Over two billion people use Facebook, and over one billion are daily users, that is a quite the active market to advertise to. We say active market because Facebook users are engaged, they talking, posting, sharing, and exploring content.

You’ve also probably noticed numerous brands popping in your timeline or shown advertising in the midst of a video as well as, often related to what you’re already viewing. So, why are they investing money in Facebook Ads?

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Well, if many popular brands are paying for Facebook advertising it must be working in a measurable way. It’s obvious that reaching 1.47 billion people on Facebook would be a boon to your company, but how does one reach them? You don’t have access to the social media platform’s algorithms and hashtag filled post only do so much. Think of paid advertising as renting a key to potential customers and the ability to convert passive users to active consumers. The former is for hire but the latter is up to you.

It seems that so many people cringe at the idea of paying for social media ads when it is nothing more than the natural progression of marketing. Most companies pay for an ad agency to do what they’re not equipped to do themselves, to have access to information gathered, and the knowledge to put it to good use.

Facebook advertising is no different and many marketing agencies have developed departments to excel at social media marketing as well. In fact, almost two-thirds of brands are increasing their Facebook Ad spend. Facebook has the customer information you want access to and has the mechanism to employ your campaign to the right Facebook users. But, that still leaves a campaign to be created, hence why digital marketing companies exist.

Let’s begin with the benefits of choosing to pay for Facebook Advertising.

1. The World is on Facebook

There are 1.47 billion active users on Facebook as of June 2018 and 2.23 billion monthly users. That is a lot of people you could be marketing to and of course, you cannot market to them all nor will all of them buy from you. But, trying to reach them when Facebook manages its algorithm in a kind of pay to play method, hashtags and SEO only do so much. While you want to focus on your niche and you should be prepared to know what that is, Facebook offers the world up to you. No matter whom you’re trying to appeal to, they are almost guaranteed to be on Facebook every day.

2. Transparent Marketing

With the old-style marketing agencies, you had t wait for a meeting to see the numbers or pour manpower into measuring them yourself. Even then, who knows if those numbers were accurate. With Facebook Ads, you’re given ad campaign goals that are used to help continually measure your success. Each objective and format is based on your goals such as expanding your reach or increasing brand awareness or driving traffic to your e-commerce store. Which is probably why 95.8% of advertisers vote Facebook as the best Return on Investment in social media.

3. Target Marketing

Out of all those billions of users, you’ll need more than access to them. Random posting already does that while you’re crossing your toes hoping they’ll see your ad. When signing up for Facebook Ads you’ll be asked a series of questions, so they know who to show your stuff to. While their questions aren’t too specific, that is where an agency can help center your campaign even more.

Machines are wonderful tools to gather information and deliver it, but you need flesh and blood people to creatively employ your brand. The important distinction to make between Facebook Ads and SEO type campaigns is demographics. Facebook can feed you demographics information, individuals that may not be looking for a specific product but are within the parameters of your target market. It’s basically appealing to people who may not know that they like what you have yet versus people who are already shopping for what you offer. You want to be in both camps where a conglomerate or mom and pop e-commerce store.

Those are the top three reasons you should be paying for Facebook marketing, but why should have someone else do it when the mechanism provides so many benefits? That is like asking why should pay a WordPress specialist to build your website when you can just download the right plugins. The classical marketing agencies haven’t died off but, instead, have been reborn into a new business model with new techniques and expanded into a new specialization. You don’t want to kick around in the dark hoping that your SEO keyphrases, social media cards, and machines help to convert social media users to your brand. You need a human being who can interpret data and give direction based on experience.

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Here are the top 3 reasons why you still need a digital marketing agency.

4. Facebook Adds New Ads

39% of business owners stated they haven’t performed any marketing tasks, 18% report they struggle with marketing approaches, and a whopping 41% find it difficult to identify and reach new customers. Added to this that Facebook is always adding new advertising campaigns. How do you compete with a never-ending cycle when most don’t know the business of marketing? A marketing agency knows the trends and can help you circumnavigate them as well as stay ahead of what is popular. Facebook Ads gives you the numbers and it helps you to access the demographics you want, but it doesn’t help you to compete. You need people who can read your demographic and interpret your goals against competition to keep your interest served.

5. Compelling Content

Facebook Advertising doesn’t create your content, it only delivers it. Do you know what images best resonate with your demographic? Do you know what words and phrases they search for organically? Marketing specialists do know these things, it’s their job to know your interests. The issue here is that most business owners are too tied to what they’ve built to look at the market objectively, hence why it’s smart to look for outsiders. They care about your success but aren’t so tethered to what you’re offering as to be blinded by it. Cold and hard research is what is needed here and a machine or an algorithm can only offer so much. Facebook doesn’t offer creation, just numbers, and a delivery mechanism.

6. All-Encompassing Campaigns

You cannot limit your advertising campaign to one social media platform, you have to divide and conquer. Facebook and Instagram are one in the same at this point, with emphasis on different social cues. But, what of Twitter, Google Plus, and the myriad of platforms populated by the world’s consumers? Facebook Ads is just one aspect of what you need to do and the services provided are Facebook Instagram specific. A digital marketing agency can build your campaign across multiple boards while utilizing the strengths of each. Your paid Facebook Ad can work in conjunction with other platforms to help conversion rates and the marketing specialists can measure all of them. Not enough information shouldn’t be a phrase uttered when equipped with a digital marketing agency.

You can see the advantages of paying for a Facebook Advertising campaign and allowing others to manage it. You don’t’ only gain access to global marketing research but have at your disposal competent individuals who know how to make the most of it. You’re curious because you see it work and hesitant because it’s new. This is the new world of marketing and the smartest thing to do is to utilize the best of the old with the experimentation of the new. Get on Facebook and bring the professionals in to socialize your business with the world.

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